Marketing, Advertising, and PR for Crypto, DeFi, and Web3 Projects

DeFi Marketing is a full service marketing and PR agency specializing in Decentralized Finance and FinTech projects. 

Our team members have extensive knowledge and understanding of crypto, blockchain, and DeFi technology, as well as the knowledge and experience to know how to best market products in this fast-growing niche industry.

Advertising Campaigns

CPC & CPM advertising campaigns with 24/7 monitoring and optimizing

PR Campaigns

Press release and article distribution to over 250,000 media outlets

Influencer Marketing

Influential people promoting your project online worldwide

Community Building

Creating engaged communities of people interested in your project

Media Campaigns

Putting you and your project in front of the press to secure interviews


We can help your project secure liquidity providers for any purpose.

Yield Farms & Pools

We can help your project get yield farms & pools on popular platforms.

Exchange Listing

We can help get token projects listed on major CEX & DEX platforms.

Satisfied Clients
Advertising Campaigns
PR Campaigns
Influencer Campaigns
Communities Built

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